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    Kenya is a big country in East Africa. People are very fantastic. They are hard-working. In Kenya, there are cheap hotels where a room is about one thousand a night. There are expensive hotels here too where a room is about fifty thousand a night. Kenyan people use shillings. Food is delicious and cheap. The official language is English. Transport is easy but from time to time in the centre of town, there is traffic jam.

    In summer, the weather is very good. There are famous buildings in the centre of town. You can walk for an hour in Nairobi but you can never end the city.

    In the Kenya's forest, there are the big animals like elephants. People like listening to music but mostly they like Christian music.
    Souloukna Fallah, Beginner Class, from Chad


    I came here in August. I'm from QiQihar in China. I like my city. It is very beautiful.

    Of course Nairobi is also beautiful and the people are friendly. I live in a small house with my mother. I like Kenyan food like "nyama choma" (it is BBQ) and some greens. I don't listen to Kenyan music but I often hear "matatu" (public mini-van) playing music. Maybe that is Kenyan music but I don't like it.

    I know Kenyan people are good at running. They are very quick!

    I like Kenya. Here it is very cool so I feel good.
    Guag Shang Stan, Beginner Class, from China


    Kenya is a big country. The weather here is fantastic. The people are very friendly and the food is very nice.

    The best time to visit Kenya in summer, there are cheap hotels in town about $60 a night. There are international hotels. There are restaurants from every country. Kenyan eat a lot of "sukuma wiky" (Collard greens). At night there are clubs and bars. Kenya has cinemas and there are shops.

    The music is good and the beer is lovely! Kenya is beautiful and it's very expensive.
    Adhel Arol Kachoul, Beginner Class, from South Sudan


    Hi! I'm in Nairobi, capital of Kenya.

    I am studying English at the Language Center. It is a small school but it is fine and it has good teachers. It is my opportunity to learn and speak English very well.

    Nairobi is quite beautiful. There are many old cars. The food is better than in my country. There are nice places to visit.

    There are a lot of nice restaurants and bad restaurants. At the moment I only study and stay at home with my daughter, because I don't have friends, because Kenyan people like to speak their mother tongue.

    See you,
    Aleida Coelho, Elementary Class, from Angola


    Dear Friend,

    Hope you're ok. I'm studying English at The Language Centre in Nairobi. I have nice classmates and good teachers. My classmates are from different countries: Korea, Mozambique, Turkey, Angola and my teachers are from Moldova and Kenya.

    I'm in elementary class, I really like it. I want to learn English, because it's very necessary for my job. In Kenya it is official language. At the moment we are sitting in the tea area with my friends. We're drinking tea, coffee, milk and speaking Spanish because my friends are from different countries of Latin America. Some students are from Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia and I from Ecuador. We're planning the presentations for Culture Day. Really it will be very nice.

    See you later!
    Norma Zhingri, Elementary Class, from Ecuador


    Dear Friend,

    Hope you're OK. I'm having a great time at The Language Center.

    My first class starts at 8:25 and finishes at 10:25, my second class starts at 10:35 and finishes at 12:35.

    My classmates are international, even my teachers. They are from Ecuador, Angola, Turkey, etc That makes me excited because I've never met people from other countries before. Also I can practice listening to different pronunciation.

    If you come here, you can make a lot of international friends. You'll really like it.

    See you!
    Ahyoung Woo, Elementary Class, from Korea


    Dear Friend

    I am writing this letter to tell you about The Language Center.

    I arrived at school 2 months ago. I am studying English very hard and I go to school every day from Monday until Friday.

    I have four hours daily. Here in Nairobi I am staying on Othaya Road, number 19. I usually walk to school. It is 15 minutes to walk. I finish at 12:35. At this time I go home together with my 'sisters' or sometimes we go to the supermarket to buy some things.

    At the moment I want to invite you to come to our language center. You will study English very well, because in your country you speak your language and you don't practice. Come to The Language Center.

    Hope to meet you soon.
    Manuela Agostinho, Elementary Class, from Mozambique


    The Language Center is one of the best schools. In Language Center you come without speaking English and after one week you can communicate with friends in your clas room or at home. That is one for the skills you learn at The Language Center.

    The Language Center is a place where you change your life by learning. In this school your dream to learn English can come true. That's why I feel good getting up early every day and driving from Runda to the Language Center (about 18kms away).

    Now I have very good experience and I can communicate anywhere. I'm proud to be in the Language Center. The Language Center is the best school I've ever seen in my life.
    N'dongo Djeinaba, Pre-Intermediate Class, from Mauritania


    I met many students from different countries. It is a good experience for me to learn something new about different cultures. So during the breaks between lessons, we take free coffee or tea and chat. No matter who you are, where you come from, what religion you have, at The Language Center we are peaceful and we are all friends.

    In my classes I learn many new words and grammar. I review what I had learnt before and learn how to use words correctly. Besides the books, teachers prepare many materials for giving exercises and they are helpful.

    I couldn't learn so well without my classmates' help. They are from different countries. We study together and we share our culture, our life, our happiness and difficulties because sharing is also a way to practice speaking English.

    Although the Language Center isn't very big, there are many friendly staff ready who help us. It is not difficult to ask them for help. Therefore, I feel that I get a lot benefits from The Language Center.
    Sr. Frances Wang Shu Fang, Pre-Intermediate Class, from Taiwan


    In my opinion The Language Center is very helpful because as soon as I started studying here, I felt change in my English.

    Although the time is little, I learn a lot because the teachers are very good at teaching us. So, I would like to thank all of them because they work hard to make me speak and write better English.

    Another thing I love in The Language Center is the fun because I never feel bored. They mix the studies with fun and at the end of term there is a party. In the middle of the term there is usually a break to refresh your mind and revise. So, all these things help you to love your studies.

    The students are so amazing and so friendly and I am really excited because I met many people from different countries of the world. TLC is another chance to meet different people.

    Finally, I would like to say that I hope The Language Center keeps helping people to learn English in the same way because that is really good future.
    Atial David Mareal, Pre-Intermediate Class, from South Sudan


    Hi Friends!!!

    I'm Carol from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). I'm very happy to share my experience at The Language Center in Nairobi as I would like people who need to study or improve their English to become excited and enroll at this center.

    DRC is a French speaking country. I used to study English there but I didn't succeed. Making a good sentence was hard. I was worried because I planned to live abroad in an English speaking country. What could I do, if I couldn't speak English in my country.

    One day, I decided to live in Nairobi because living here was not difficult and people speak English. I met someone who told me about The Language Center. The center is very accessible and not far from the main road (Ngong Road).

    The center is not big. There is a car park and a garden. I got warm reception. Before I asked about enrolment, I had a test to know in which level I had to start. I didn't take a long time to finish my test because I only answered the questions I knew. And then it was decided that I should begin in Pre-Intermediate. I chose to study for four hours from Monday to Friday. I did just one month of summer school and I moved up to intermediate level. Many foreigners enjoy learning English when they are on holiday here. In general one level is three months.

    Now I'm in Intermediate class. The classroom is comfortable. In comparison with pre-intermediate, I'm improving my English every day and I'm confident when I ask something and speak with somebody. There is a good atmosphere in class between us and the teachers most of the time. Students are usually polite. Something I like the most is discussing in groups, debates and games because those help us to improve our speaking skills. Listening to some students with a strong Japanese, Chinese or French accent is amazing!!! We burst out laughing at ourselves about pronunciation.

    Teaching skills are excellent. I have two teachers who teach 8:30-10:30 and 10:30-12:30. Both are helpful and fluent. I'm talkative and ask many questions, not to bother the teacher, but to understand. They insist on listening, writing and pronunciation.

    I can't be too long!! Just come here to study and succeed when you have a chance!!!
    Carole Mujinga, Intermediate Class, from Democratic Republic of Congo


    The Language Center is a place where you can learn and improve foreign languages and not only English. Also you can learn French, Spanish or Chinese. And if you want to be a real Kenyan, you can learn Kiswahili.

    At present, foreign language acquisition is mainly in the classroom. So I came here to improve my English. When I first came I made many mistakes, for example when I filled the form. There is ?F? or ?M? to choose the sex. I chose the ?M? (even though I am female)-that's a really funny mistake. But nobody ridiculed me.

    The people who are working in The Language Center are very friendly and kind. In fact, I could understand what they were talking about but at that time I was shy. I worried about making mistakes, even felt nervous but the teacher encouraged me to talk. She told me that English wasn't my mother language so making mistakes is fine.

    The teachers are definitely good. They are doing their best to teach us. The class is very funny and never boring. I can't imagine the way I used to learn English in my school (in China). There were two ways grammar and practice. There was never any change. Those were boring awful classes.

    But right now I found a better place to learn French and improve my English. I really enjoy it.
    Chen Jing Teng, Intermediate Class, from China


    The first day I arrived at The Language Center, the staff extended a warm welcome. At The Language Center you can't miss having friends. There are many people from everywhere in the world. If you don't have friends and want to perfect your English, I advise you to come to The Language Center.

    You can be embarrassed by your pronunciation. Please do not worry, The Language Center is a mixture of pronunciation and no one will laugh at you. The Language Center has creative teachers who know how to have fun while they are teaching, so you feel comfortable in class.

    One of the things I prefer at The Language Center is breaks. During the breaks, there is a tea area in which you can make as many friends as you want. The thing I like the most at TLC is the library, you can find any kind of book and movies which will help you to improve your vocabulary. Because of the great number of people who study here, there are many different cultures. TLC gives you the opportunity to know how to communicate with people.

    The Language Center is the place to be!
    Kylie Mugisha, Upper-Intermediate Class, from Burundi
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