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    As it is said: "bit by bit the bird makes his nest". I have personaly observed that many people, especialy the English speaking, when trying to learn a new language, they want to master it very fast. But today, from my own experience, i will advise that step by step is the better way of learning a language.

    There are plenty of materials to help learn French as a foreign language. For example: French in 100 days and French fast for those who want to learn in a short time but to get the language skills straight, one needs to learn it slowly.

    At The Language Center in Nairobi, you have the best opportunity to improve your French. The instructors at The Laguage Center are useful proffessionals.

    The diversity among both teachers as well as students lay a ground for perfection. For example: In the French department, there are teachers from the democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Kenyans. The presence of students from different francophone countries presents another opportunity for conversation, thus training and not only improving the speaking skills but also make new friends.

    For me, after almost three months,my progress could be felt because i was able to talk to people on the basic issues and daily life activities.

    I am eager to master French because i want to pursue my University studies in Paris.

    There might be other people who want to learn French for different reasons and purposes, I believe that at The Language Center there are enough resources and materials for French learning.
    Trevor Kibet
    TLC Student, Nairobi.
    DELF A2 candidate.
    November 2012.


    I really have good memmories from the Language Center: the calm atmosphia conduisive for studies, the warm reception you get from the staff at the front desk and their speed in answering to the guestŐs questions is laudable.

    I have found the instructors to be very qualified, nice and patient. For example, my teacher always made sure that my opinions are considered and made part of the lesson. He took me through all aspects of larning a foreign language and worked hard on my weak points.

    The materials provided at school are helpfull, for example: the CDs, books and hand outs that made my learning easier.

    The teacher guided me through practical and more exercices in preparation for my DELF A1 international exams which I sat for and successfully passed with 88%.

    I intend to continue my studies at the language center for the next level this coming February 2013.

    I am very happy, satisfied and proud for the French I have learned at the Language Center.
    Eva Mulashe Migogo.
    French student
    DELF A1


    Today, I want to talk about the French I have so far acquired. I know that I still make a lot of mistakes, but I believe that I can improve through learning. Normally, in the process of learning French, I put my attention on listening and reading because I find these skills to be difficult. My speaking is fair and my writing skills have been made easier with the use of both the dictionary and conjugation books.

    I am eager to learn French because my wife is from France. She speaks English very well, that we rarely speak French at home. I am looking forward to improving my French so as it can be more often used in my house.

    My in-laws also understand English but usually through Emails we correspond in French. It is much easier, especially with the use of computers. This is due to programs that help in understanding difficult words, grammar and different accents.

    I really feel good when I speak French correctly, it is a beautiful language.

    I will continue learning more.
    Student of French at the Language Center.
    November, 2012.
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