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    First attempt: We once had a terrible chef

    Who was known to be totally deaf

    We said something

    He heard nothing

    We remember his name was Jeff.

    The student spoke fun at their classmates, who seem not to be serious!

    There was a young student from Congo

    Who never could listen for long oh!

    Hed run from the room

    To answer the phone

    And chat up his girlfriend in Congo!

    One student was just like the weather

    Making us ask ourselves whether

    He came here to study

    Or make the room crowdy:

    Was around, but here in class, never!

    In memory of a student who had to leave before the course was over:

    A handsome old man came from Chad

    His looks were not very bad

    We enjoyed his company

    It was sweeter than honey

    He broke a heart when he went back to Chad.

    ? ? ? ?

    1. He is a famous actor and singer.

    He is very tall and good-looking (very handsome)

    He is Peruvian.

    He speaks two languages, English and Spanish.

    Hes married.He has quite short hair.

    He is good looking.

    He has some foundations about the protection of abused women.

    He has produced many CDs.

    He sings in English and Spanish.

    He is from Central America but sometimes lives in the USA

    His songs have won many awards.

    Who is he?

    He is___________________

    3. He is a young South American.He has long hair.

    He plays very well and scores many goals.

    Many young people, including my friend, want to be like him.

    Who is he?

    He is______________________

    4. He is quite short.

    He has dark short hair.

    He plays football quite well.

    He is from Brazil.

    He speaks two languages, Portuguese and Italian.

    He earns a lot of money.

    Who is he?

    He is_______________________

    5. He is quite muscular.

    He is Kenyan.

    He has short black and white hair.

    He is black man

    He is quite handsome.

    He sometimes wears a jacket.

    He is a politician.

    Who is he?

    He is_______________________

    6. He is quite tall,

    He has dark hair

    He is very handsome.

    He likes the sky.

    His colors are blue, red and yellow,

    Who is he?

    He is________________________

    7. She was born in London,

    She is quite old.

    She speaks English.

    She lives in Buckingham Palace in London.

    She is very popular.

    Who is she?

    She is____________________


    1.Christian Mier

    2. Ricky Martin

    3. Ronaldinho

    4. Ronaldo

    5. President Kibaki

    6. Superman

    7. HRH Queen Elizabeth 11

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