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English is the most useful international language in the world and the easiest to learn. Learning English makes it much easier to travel anywhere you want. For example, aeroplane announcements, train timetables, emergency information and street signs are often translated into English, particularly in countries that use different types of alphabet.

At The Language Center, English as a Second/Foreign Language department is the largest. It attracts students from all over the world with different cultural, professional and religious backgrounds. The multi-cultural environment is very exciting and dynamic thus adding life exposure to learning experience.

The students are tested to determine their entry level before joining one of the groups in 6 levels from Beginner to Advanced (A1 – C2) which takes about 3 months. Our group classes have between 3 to 14 students to ensure maximum participation in class activities.

Classes are taught by highly qualified professionals and enthusiastic teachers. The textbooks we use are specially designed for adult learners and we order them from international publishing houses in the UK.

There is also an option for specially tailored classes, one-on-one or in small groups, taught upon request.

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