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This is a language that was spoken at the East African Coast from the early centuries but acquired some of its vocabulary from traders who visited the coast like the Arabs, Chinese, Persians, Turks, etc.

More of its vocabulary also came from the Portuguese who invaded the East Coast in the 15th Century. The English and the Germans also came as missionaries and later colonized East Africa adding their vocabulary to Kiswahili.

Kiswahili is rich in history.

Most of its administrative and religious vocabularies are Arabic while trade is influenced by those other languages that traded at the coast.

Kiswahili is a widely spoken language within East and Central Africa and it is now being introduced to most African countries as an official language, which is going to be taught in both primary and secondary schools in East and Central Africa.

At The Language Center (TLC), Kiswahili language is taught to all groups of students such as:

  • a. Missionaries
  • b. Expatriates
  • c. Volunteers
  • d. Native citizens who did not have a chance to learn this language in their schools or attended formal schooling or who were born and lived outside Kenya.

We have qualified and experienced teachers as well as conducive learning environment.

Our lessons are conducted at TLC. However, upon request, we do them at homes, in places of work or online.


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