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Welcome to the Italian Program at The Language Center (TLC), promising you a future of intellectual, professional and personal discovery.

Join the more than 70million people in the world who speak Italian and the hundreds of thousands who study it. Being the 4th most studied language in the world, Italian has become the language of music, art, opera, fashion, and food, as well as design and technology.

UNESCO as one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations has stated that Italy is the home to the highest number of UN World Heritage Site in the world and its culture spans from great antiquity to the contemporary arts & sciences. Studying the rich Italian language and culture can help you “go global” and increase your marketability in fields in which Italy is a world economic leader as a member of the G7 countries.

At TLC, we have created an Italian course. The course is for people who have little or no prior knowledge of Italian and are interested in discovering the language and culture, students intending on furthering their studies in Italy, and expatriates/ immigrants living in the country and would like their children to learn the language. In addition to offering language instruction at all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), the Italian course is committed to introducing students to the richness of Italian culture and the multifaceted reality of contemporary Italy.

Classes can take place in and out of the Center or online depending on the student’s request.

We have a lot to share with you!!!!

Vi aspettiamo, Benvenuti!!!

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